Recognizing Our CEO Susan Frech as a Top 25 Leading Woman Brand Builder

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Let’s start with the good news: women-owned firms have grown at a rate 5 times the national average over the last decade and the number of female corporate executives in New Jersey ranks above national averages.

Now for the bad news: less than 3 percent of those women-owned businesses ever made it to the million-dollar mark and less than 3 percent of women executives ever make it to the C-suite.

 Those statistics have long remained unchanged. However, New Jersey is home to a fleet of talented female business leaders. An exceptionally qualified group of these women were recognized on the list of the Top 25 Leading Women Entrepreneurs, Intrapreneurs, and Brand Builders of the state. This prestigious group of women was selected from thousands of impressive nominations based on their strong business acumen and ability to both influence and inspire within their industries.

 We are so proud Leading Women Entrepreneurs (LWE) chose to recognize our CEO Susan Frech as one of the top 25. A passion for the start-up and entrepreneurial environment, Sue’s goal is to build companies that change the landscape, challenge the status quo while working with talented, smart and passionate people.  

Linda Wellbrock, founder of LWE, says “The honorees are amazing role models representative of the increasing impact women are making in the world of business. It’s true that women have more external challenges to overcome than their male counterparts. Regardless of gender, the to-do list will always continue to grow longer, resulting in an overwhelming, constant grind, and the feeling that one’s goals are increasingly out of reach. The Top 25 Recognition events are a platform for showcasing leaders who excel in innovation and advocacy and who made it to the top regardless of the challenges.” 

Sue continues to bring an innovative vision to Social Media Link and it’s many offerings. Her endless pursuit for client and team success is evident to all those who work with her. To Sue: the team says congratulations! 

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Katie is the Marketing Coordinator at Social Media Link. She assists in the content creation and strategy for digital and social marketing efforts aimed at building awareness around Social Media Link’s offerings and impact.