Social Media Link Releases New Platform Upgrades to Enhance Brand-Consumer Relationships

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As experts in consumer engagement and activation, our team is constantly innovating to better help marketers inspire brand stories at scale and to harness the power of community. The Social Media Link team is excited to announce a new update to our proprietary technology platform, EngageTech™, that powers our innovative marketing solutions - Vesta (link to solution page) and Smiley360 (link to solution page). Our new mobile-first, stylish UX/UI design will be sure to drive even greater engagement, higher community participation and enhanced brand affinity. 

We’ve launched a sleek new upgrade to our community member dashboard, which serves as the central activity hub for brand community members. 

So, what’s new?

Netflix-Esque Card Layout for Easy and Personalized Engagement  

Hundreds of brands engage with millions of consumers through Social Media Link’s platform. Consumers who a part of communities powered by Social Media Link will delight in our improved dashboard navigation. With inspiration from Netflix, we’ve created a friendly and familiar card-based layout making it easy for consumers to opt-in to targeted brand offers and activities - like surveys, promotional offers and word-of-mouth advocacy and influencer campaigns.  A new sorting function also allows for personalized user-flows and a progress bar for live activities. 

New Content Functionality with Hero Banner and Discussion Starter Block 

With our new dashboard content functionalities, brands can take advantage of prime real estate to drive engagement and traffic to key community activities with a snazzy new Hero Banner now appearing at the top of the member dashboard. We’ve also added Discussion Starters, which allow community members to easily jump into the latest community forum conversations directly from their dashboards. 

With these new dashboard updates, brands can expect higher conversion on community activations and a happier community! If you’d like to explore our new community dashboard further, drop us an email at 

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Katie is the Marketing Coordinator at Social Media Link. She assists in the content creation and strategy for digital and social marketing efforts aimed at building awareness around Social Media Link’s offerings and impact.