303 Revs up Social Engagement with Smiley360's Consumer Influencers [VIDEO]

"The challenge is launching a new product at new retailers and just trying to get excitement and buzz to pull the product off the shelf,” says Marcel Manzano, senior manager of digital marketing at Gold Eagle. “It’s the age-old challenge of getting a person to actually walk to a store, pick it off a shelf, and buy it." Check out our video to see how car protectant brand 303 finds new product launch success in a highly competitive marketplace with Smiley360.

How Snapple Doubled Their In-Store Promotion Results with Consumer Influencers [CASE STUDY]

Snapple needed a way to boost brand awareness of their new Snapple Straight Up Tea and drive purchase trial and conversion, specifically in Target retail stores. So they turned to our social community for consumer influencers, Smiley360. See how Snapple created Smiley360 Missions tailored toward shopper marketing to double the redemption rate of a Snapple Target Cartwheel coupon.

Dads Do Social [INFOGRAPHIC]

Today’s dads are social, vocal and see their online world as a communal resource to help them make decisions. From parenting help to choosing what products and services to buy, dads rely on social networks as a central part of the buyer journey. In an effort to understand dads better, we surveyed social dads among our Smiley360 consumer influencer community to understand how dads think and behave on social.

How Consumers Bank with Word-of-Mouth [INFOGRAPHIC]

Consumers regularly turn to their online and social networks to consume and contribute information about banking, financial topics and credit cards. Financial brand marketers can’t afford to ignore the huge channel of influence that is word-of-mouth. We recently surveyed nearly 19,000 people from our consumer influencer community, Smiley360, to understand how social media and word-of-mouth affect financial brand, banking and credit card choice.

Social Recommendations Index Mom Edition [REPORT]

When it comes to purchasing products for their young children, today's moms are bombarded with choices, and inundated with marketing messages and advertisements. What prompts them to buy? In this survey of more than 8,000 moms from the Smiley360 community, we learn how moms make buying decisions, what factors are most influential, and how they rely on their friends and family to help guide their purchases of baby products. To view the full write up, fill out the short form to the right to start your download.

BAA Conference: The Next Generation of Advocacy and Loyalty Marketing [PRESENTATION]

Our session "Next Generation of Advocacy and Loyalty Marketing" at the BAA Conference explored the next stage in the consumer engagement ecosystem – brand-owned advocate communities. Learn how popular fabric softener brand, Snuggle®, decided to take back the consumer relationship and launch its very own brand advocate community website.

Traveling Through Word-of-Mouth [REPORT]

There is massive competition among travel and hospitality brands, with brand marketers battling to capture market share and loyalty. How do marketers stand out and outshine their competition? What impacts consumers in their travel purchases and brand preferences, and how can brands influence? In this study of 21,000 consumers, travelers shared travel habits, popular travel brands, purchase influencers and sharing activity.

Getting Started with Influencer Marketing [GUIDE]

Seventy-four percent of marketers say they will utilize influencer marketing in the next 12 months. Are you one of them? If you're just getting started with influencer marketing or looking to learn more, download our special beginner's guide for this fast-growing marketing practice. Learn industry best practices in planning, execution and measurement and start driving consumer advocacy and word-of-mouth for your brand today.

Community Building Across an Ever-Changing Social Landscape [ONLINE CLASS]

Marketers continue to struggle with how to maximize engagement with their social communities and how to amplify their advocacy in an efficient and measurable way. They’ve invested heavily in building fan bases on numerous social platforms with the promise of an army of advocates, but are often limited in their efforts to spark conversation and measure impact. Surely, brands are starting to realize that their “owned” social communities are not quite owned at all, nor are they guaranteed to always exist. The big question is how does a brand’s current and continual investment in social media sites deliver long-term value?