Ready, Set, Grow: Consumer Community Outreach Best Practices

Great! You’ve established an online community of consumers. You’ve included them in sampling campaigns and maybe a few other engagement activities. But how do you ensure your community’s long-term success beyond specific campaigns? How do you continually keep the community active, engaged and growing? How often should you reach out — what’s not enough or, maybe worse, too much? And what kind of two-way interaction will your consumers welcome? What’s the right cadence?Read full article

Brands Can't Live By Simple Sampling Alone

A few weeks ago, I met with a new client who told me that in the past their main tactic to drive awareness was in-store sampling. They are a new product in a well-represented personal care category and face a slew of behemoth brands as competitors. When executing an in-store sampling, they would pay anywhere between $1,000 $2,500 per day for the privilege (depending on the retailer). For that day, and a few days after, the client would notice their coupons being used, and would see a lift in sales — but then sales would go flat or even down again. Read full article

Vetting a Consumer Activation Platform? Use this Guide

Your Marketing colleagues may explore building a brand owned community with a consumer community activation system to help build and manage this community. As these platforms range in features and sophistication, you may be asked to weigh in from a technical and usability perspective. Here are areas you should advise your Marketing team to consider in the evaluation.Read full article

Gold Eagle Revs Up Social Media Marketing with SML

“The challenge is launching a new product at new retailers and just trying to get excitement and buzz to pull the product off the shelf,” says Marcel Manzano, senior manager of digital marketing at Gold Eagle. “It’s the age-old challenge of getting a person to actually walk to a store, pick it off a shelf, and buy it.” But for this age-old challenge, Gold Eagle was willing to try something new: building buzz on social media. And for help with that, it turned to advocacy activation company Social Media Link.Read full article

The State of Social Media 2017

Optimizing your current opportunities on social media requires keeping tabs on the latest trends, tools, and technologies. This is why looking back at what transpired in this space in 2016, and calculating the possibilities abundant in 2017, can be constructive.Read full article

When It Comes To Brand Community Success, It's All About The Feels

As I travel around the country speaking about brand advocacy and engagement, the question I am often asked is, “What makes for a truly successful brand-owned community?” Having worked with many marketers on establishing a home base for their consumers, or when I consider other companies that have made meaningful connections with their fans, my answer is this: the most successful brand communities are grounded in deep emotion.Read full article