Omni-Channel Marketing Meets Consumer Engagement

Omni-channel marketing seeks to provide the consumer a seamless shopper experience whether in-store, online, desktop or mobile. Retail marketers like Starbucks, Sephora, and Crate & Barrel have made moving towards this goal a priority, investing in processes and platforms to ensure consumers enjoy a familiar and consistent interaction whether brick, click, swipe or scan. As this continues to become the norm, consumers will expect frictionless interactions with all brands.Read full article

How CPG Marketers Can Spark Engagement Post-Holiday Gift Season

In the last few 2017 planning meetings, I have heard several times long-term customer loyalty and engagement were a 2016 challenge and will continue to be an uphill battle in the upcoming year. Retail barriers and interference from other third parties make it hard to connect and foster a direct relationship. So the question remains: How can CPG brands better engage consumers to establish and foster loyalty over the long term?Read full article

Brand Communities And 3 Ways To Ensure Their Success

Forrester predicted that as social media matures, branded communities would make a comeback. Marketing leaders report they’re significantly less satisfied with Facebook and Twitter marketing. Along with that, Forrester found that 60% of businesses have a branded online community and 15% were planning to add one in the following 12 months. With that knowledge, many CPG marketers feel it is time to focus their engagement efforts on owned channels. Read full article

What Amazon’s Review Policy Change Means For Marketers

Amazon recently created shock waves when the company announced it will no longer accept incentivized reviews. This update to Amazon’s terms removes new reviews from consumers who have received a free or discounted product to test, though incentivized reviews were previously allowed as long as they contained proper disclosure. This dramatic shift has wide implications for the marketing community.Read full article


Bazaarvoice Hopes SML Partnership Will Help Boost Customer Engagement

Officials for Bazaarvoice, the consumer-generated content solution provider creating the world’s smartest shopper network, hope that their new partnership with Social Media Link (SML) will lead to bigger and better levels of customer engagement. SML is a leader in online advocacy activation for brands while Bazaarvoice offers marketers a way to seamlessly integrate and boost the creation of authentic product reviews into Bazaarvoice’s syndication engine, which shares consumer generated content.Read full article

Leveraging Advocates And Influencers In A Successful Social Responsibility Initiative

A study done by Cone Communications in 2015 found that 90% of global consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has seen tremendous growth in the last several years, with companies like PNC allocating $100M towards CSR initiatives from 2010 to 2015. As consumers expect more and more transparency from companies, the argument for a comprehensive CSR strategy becomes easier every day. As the CEO of Starbucks says “the currency of leadership is transparency.” Read full article

[PRESS RELEASE] Social Media Link Partners with Bazaarvoice to Take Retail Reviews to the Next Level for Brands

Social Media Link (SML), the leader in online advocacy activation for brands, announced today a new partnership with Bazaarvoice, Inc. (Nasdaq: BV), the consumer-generated content solution provider creating the world's smartest shopper network. Through this partnership, Social Media Link offers seamless integration to help marketers drive authentic product reviews that foster sales directly into Bazaarvoice's powerful syndication engine, which shares consumer-generated content between 3,000 global brand and retail websites in the company's network.Read full article